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Trapped Emotions and Physical Symptoms

The Connection between Trapped Emotions and Physical Symptoms



Did you know that trapped emotions can cause physical symptoms? The human body is an intricate web of interconnected systems, constantly striving for balance and optimal well-being. 

While we often attribute physical symptoms solely to physical causes, emerging research suggests that trapped emotions can also play a significant role in manifesting as bodily ailments. 

In this blog post, we will explore how trapped emotions can create symptoms in the body, and more importantly, discover methods to remove them, allowing the body to heal naturally.

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Understanding the Link between Emotions and the Body

Emotions are an inherent part of our human experience, influencing our thoughts, behaviours, and overall well-being. 

However, when we fail to process or express our emotions fully, they can become trapped within us. These trapped emotions can disrupt the body’s energy flow and manifest as physical symptoms over time.


How Trapped Emotions Create Physical Symptoms

  • Disrupted Energy Flow: Emotions are energy, and when they are not processed or released, they can become stuck, blocking the body’s energy flow. This blockage can lead to imbalances in the body’s systems, resulting in various physical symptoms such as pain, tension, and even illness.
  • Chronic Stress Response: Unresolved emotional issues can trigger a chronic stress response in the body. Prolonged stress can weaken the immune system, increase inflammation, and contribute to the development of conditions like hypertension, digestive disorders, and chronic pain.
  • Mind-Body Connection: The mind and body are intricately connected. Research in the field of psychoneuroimmunology has shown that emotional stress can impact the functioning of the immune system and other physiological processes. Suppressed emotions can manifest as headaches, digestive issues, muscle tension, and fatigue. 

For more information on that topic, check out Gabor Mate’s work When the Body Says No, an excellent book explaining how repressed emotions can have a dramatic impact on our physical health.


How we Help You Release Trapped Emotions at Pura Vida Chiropractic?

A few of you might have seen those charts when coming to the studio in The Hague

trapped emotions physical symptoms

We focus on identifying and releasing trapped emotions that may be causing physical or emotional imbalances within the body.

Emotions are a form of energy that can become trapped within us when they are not fully processed or released. These trapped emotions can create energetic blockages and disrupt the body’s natural flow of energy, leading to physical discomfort, emotional distress, and even disease.

We use muscle testing, also known as Applied Kinesiology, to communicate with the subconscious mind and identify specific trapped emotions. We also use different kinds of methods that allow us to find those imbalances in the body. Some of you might have noticed that we check your feet and leg length regularly. That is also a way to communicate with your body.

The process of releasing trapped emotions is gentle and non-invasive, as it does not require the individual to relive or analyse past experiences. Instead, it focuses on acknowledging and releasing the energetic imprint of the trapped emotion, allowing the body’s natural healing mechanisms to restore balance and well-being.

Releasing trapped emotions can be applied to various aspects of life, including physical health, relationships, and personal growth. By releasing trapped emotions, individuals often experience a sense of relief, increased emotional resilience, and improved overall well-being.


Our Unique Method

When you come to the practice for the first time, we start by addressing the physical imbalances that you might have (spinal misalignments). We hereby restore a good function in your spine and start regulating your nervous system. 

Then, if your body is more balanced, stable and open, we can start a deeper emotional work. We start gently releasing those trapped emotions step-by-step while monitoring how your body responds.

During the 24-48h following an adjustment or an emotional release, you might experience tiredness, muscle soreness, or some other changes. Those are perfectly normal as your body processes what has been done and continues to release.  

Are you curious about how we can help you too? 

Feel free to send us an email at chiropractor.nederland@gmail.com or make an appointmentHoe Werkt Het online directly.

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